Pet Boarding Software

kennelplus pet boarding software is a top of line pet management software system that brings advanced technology together with a simple, easy to use interface that anyone can manage. Whether you are looking for the very basic levels of pet care or have specific techniques and products that you offer, kennelplus is here and can be customized to handle them all.

Dynamically built, this software puts you in control and gives you simple to use tools and an amazing ability to manipulate the windows that works best for your specific business operations.

As a business owner, time is money. We hear that a lot but do we really understand the implications? In the pet care industry, if you spend the majority of your time doing things that don't actively contribute to your bottom line you may squeak by every year but you'll never grow your business into true profitability. Business marketing, improving efficiency, upselling boarding services, cross-selling complimentary boarding products.

Features such as:

  • Boarding Scheduling
  • Specific Unit/Room Designation
  • Track available Unit/Rooms and Occupied Unit/Rooms
  • Simplify Daily Activities
  • Check In & Check Out Process
  • Quick access to pet history

Why you need kennelplus

As the number of Pet Owners around the world grows, and the relationships between pet and owner grows stronger. Most pet owners consider their pets part of the family and rely on you to give them the utmost care. With kennelplus, we give you more time to focus on the pets, and less time worrying about the in's and out's of your business.

Pet owners are a finicky bunch. They put the happiness and health of their furry family member high on their list of priorities and they're not going to board their extended family with just anyone. The thing that's going to set your pet boarding business above the competition is your productive, highly efficient passion. You have to let potential clients know that their animal means as much to you as your own and you are always in control. That dedication has to show in everything from scheduling to checking out. kennelplus does just that.